We are able to provide a range of support services using our pool of highly qualified and experienced industry experts.
Whether you need help with securing your physical security, auditing your network or with developing your software we can help.
Please contact us direct to discuss your particular needs.

Physical Security

No information security without physical security.

Security needs a balanced approach. To be effective there needs to be both cybersecurity, and physical security. There is no point spending on one and ignoring the other.

invinsec’s experts in Physical Security are drawn from industry, law enforcement and the military. We provide:

  •   Physical Security Assessments and benchmarking – how secure is your office?
  •   Counter-espionage sweeps – sweep for listening devices. Are you being listened to?
  •   Counter-surveillance – look for industrial espionage – are you being watched?
  •   Surveillance – is there anyone in the organization that needs physical as well as network monitoring?

Development as a Service (DaaS)

Fast and secure software development as a service.

Software development needs to be agile and responsive in order to keep up with and set the benchmark in technology and possibility. It is an arms race with the criminals and a slow development cycle will see you fall behind.

We have a pool of leading developers and managers that can be commissioned to build and support the requirements of all types of organizations who wish to build secure applications at speed.


Penetration testing and vulnerability reporting.

It takes time to catch up with technology and many regulators and standards authorities still mandate annualised assurance activities (though we think you’d be better off doing this in real-time with our Broadbot platform).

We can help you with all types of penetration test and our pool of testers can provide you with useful, risk-weighted reporting to meet your regulatory requirements.