invinsec's managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) solution has been designed and matured to understand attacks on devices from hundreds of vendors in real-time. This is why we can have organisations up and running on our systems within 15 minutes of learning about your immediate requirements.

What is a SOC?

A SOC (Security Operations Centre) catches attackers on your network as they perform a range of unauthorised actions. It leverages the fact that, while attempting to, or after gaining access to a network, attackers will follow a predictable attack pattern: reconnaissance, lateral movement, and exploitation.

Our SOC monitors all of these patterns and logically predicts at which point an attacker is likely to compromise your assets, enabling us to quickly warn you and help you to take mitigating action.

How does invinsec's SOC work?

An agent is deployed on your network to collect telemetry data in order to analyse behavioural patterns. In instances where an agent cannot be deployed, live feeds from your systems over Syslog or other secure methods will supply the events data. Actual data, such as documents, are not transferred.