Our Team.

How are we different?

We are an agile business. We can deliver 'off the shelf', or work with you on a bespoke solution

BroadBot is our solely owned proprietary software solution and is backed up by a scalable service proposition delivering expert advice whenever and wherever you need it 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our team is really proud of our unique technology

  • Set up

    No lengthy process needed, we can be up and running within 15 mins (or less), we are happy to work at any pace you set

  • Highly Secure Cloud

    Offering increased operational efficiency, agility, flexibility and end to end security

  • Seamless

    Self-upgrading and infinitely scalable, its a system that can grow with you and it involves no lengthy installation processes

  • Threat Detection

    Market leading threat detection speeds, minimising the impact of criminal activity to your business

  • Machine learning

    BroadBot constantly adapts to the environment

    BroadBot harnesses the power of our customer base to ensure that a threat to one is learning for all

    BroadBot is enhanced by a base of highly advanced signature knowledge

  • Built on 'Elastic'

    invinsec is a global OEM partner of Elastic the global leader in data analytics

  •   We actively seek out those who are willing to make a stand against cyber crime.
  •   We know cyber but we also understand what it is like to run a business. Many of our team members have been on both sides of the fence either buying or building a broad spectrum of solutions for businesses of all sizes many with different regulatory obligations.
  •   We have a highly experienced team, recruited from Industry Security Professionals, Software Development, Law Enforcement, the Military and Academia.
  •   Finally, and most importantly we also understand the impact of criminal behaviour on businesses, organisations and individuals. We have the tools and resources available to minimise the impact, so that if you are affected you know you will be in safe hands.